The Alps are an extremely sensitive environment located in the heart of the European continent. Special geographical features cause particular constraints regarding accessibility and transport infrastructure. Transport is one of the main causes of climate change – almost thirty percent of all greenhouse gases in the Alps can be attributed to transport – and both passenger and freight traffic volumes are rising continuously. Road transport in particular causes negative externalities such as air pollution, noise, and traffic congestion. Addressing these challenges is vital for the social, economic, and ecological development of the Alpine regions. To tackle these issues and ensure sustainable development, a coordinated approach giving way to a coherent strategy is required to tackle these challenges to ensure a sustainable development for the Alps.


The EUSALP Action Group 4 Mobility serves as a crucial platform for coordinating and harmonizing the efforts of Alpine regions and countries toward achieving a sustainable transport and mobility system. Our mission revolves around establishing a shared understanding of transport policy and mobility, setting common objectives, and initiating specific activities and projects.


  1. Promoting Inter-Modality and Interoperability: AG4 is committed to removing infrastructure bottlenecks, bridging missing links, coordinating public transport planning and timetables, modernizing infrastructure, and enhancing cooperation. The focus extends to sustainable passenger and combined transport infrastructure, interconnecting public transport systems, and improving operations, information, and ticketing services.
  2. Supporting Modal Shift from Road to Rail: Recognizing the environmental and social challenges posed by excessive road traffic through the Alps, AG4 promotes the harmonization and implementation of modal shift policies, with a particular focus on toll systems.
  3. Enhancing Cooperation and Integration: AG4 collaborates closely with various stakeholders in the transport and mobility sectors of the Alpine Regions. This cooperation ensures improved coordination, consistency among existing initiatives, and the alignment of funding. Strong links have already been established with the Alpine Convention, the Suivi de Zurich Process, and the iMONITRAF! network.





Michael Büerger


Xavier Garcia


Martin Gassner

Group Members

Helmut Adelsberger
Paolo Angelini
Massimiliano Angelotti
Alessandra Bellomi
Volker Bidmon
Matteo Brumati
Maria-Grazia Cacopardi
Henrik Caduff
Alberto Cozzi
Marco D'Elia
Stefan Duelli
Robin Guillon
Alexis Keller
Ralf Kühn
Markus Liechti
Helen Lückge
Cristina Manara
Simone Messner
Jonas Metzger
Alfred Nagelschmied
Massimo Negriolli
Antonio Pollano
Leon Pregelj
Jörg Putzl
Jacopo Riccardi
Hans Schuschnig
Harry Seybert
Aurelio Vigani
Sylvie Vigneron
Franc Žepič
Udo Tarman
Patrick Combrisson


Cécile Cadet
Wolfgang Grubert
Niklas Joos-Widmer
Natascia Morenzoni
Thierry Müller
Rossana Precali
Raphaël Lelouvier