Slovenia holds the Presidency of the EUSALP from January 2024 until December 2024.

During its term, the Slovenian Presidency will focus on 3 thematic priorities

Circular Economy
Quality of Life for Young People in the Alps
Water-smart society
Circular Economy
  • The circular economy is vital for the transition to a green economy in the Alpine region. Under the Slovenian Presidency, efforts will focus on creating sustainable solutions for efficient resource management, decarbonization, and innovation. Key themes include leveraging digital technologies, promoting green jobs, advancing materials, harnessing green power, and managing essential resources like water, food, and wood.
Quality of Life for Young People in the Alps
  • Recognizing the vital role of young people in shaping a sustainable future for the Alpine region, Slovenia, during its Presidency, is committed to enhancing youth participation in substantive discussions within the EUSALP. Therefore, the Slovenian EUSALP Presidency seeks to explore the quality of life through the eyes of the other two Presidency priorities. The Presidency will seek opportunities for cooperation and networking of young people with the Youth Parliament of the Alpine Convention and participation in events in the framework of the Alps-Adriatic Rectors’ Conference 2024.
Water-smart society
  • Climate change and extreme weather events increase the urgency to invest in water risk management. With the motto "The Alps are the Water Tower of Europe," EUSALP countries need to pursue innovative solutions to safeguard water resources and implement strategic measures for their management. This will be reflected during the Slovenian Presidency, as it emphasizes sustainable water management to contribute to the transition towards a water-smart society. This will be promoted through initiatives like the EUSALP Green Infrastructure Goes Business Award and activities hosted by the Slovenian Presidency of the Alps-Adriatic Rectors’ Conference.

In addition, the Presidency pursues 3 institutional priorities

Revision Process of the Action Plan

Active involvement of youth

Visibility through Success stories

  • Endeavour to revise the EUSALP Action Plan
    • The Slovenian Presidency plans to lead the process of evolving the Strategy to meet the needs of current and future policies. Therefore, the institutional priority is to prepare a concept paper for the revision of the EUSALP Action Plan
  • Strive for meaningful cooperation with the youth
    • The Slovenian Presidency will endeavour to find modern approaches to ensure a sustainable future in the Alpine region. Special attention will be devoted to a meaningful contribution from the youth.
  • Boost EUSALP projects visibility
    • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Slovenian Presidency will increase visibility of the projects by communicating success stories

2024 Presidency Calendar

  • Annual Forum is the most important event for the whole Macro-Regional Strategy. It marks the end of the Presidency and is dedicated to summarizing the achievements from the past year.
  • The General Assembly will endorse political guidelines and recommendations for the future implementation of the EUSALP.

The EUSALP Youth Council will address the thematic priority of “Quality of Life for Young People in the Alps” and will work on various topics to improve the existing knowledge and make a concrete proposal for the future from their own perspective.

The Action Groups will work on the development of the Circular 4.0 Action Plan through workshops and networking events throughout the year of 2024.

The 9th edition will offer an opportunity to discuss issues of all macro-regional strategies in the setting of the Slovenian coast. It will be consisted of numerous EUSALP meetings. In addition, a separate event focusing on the circular economy will be held in cooperation with INTERACT.