Technical Support Structure


At the EUSALP General Assembly held in Nice in 2021, the EUSALP members agreed to set up a permanent Technical Support Structure.

They entrusted the Région Sud - Provence Alpes-Côte d’Azur to pursue this implementation along with Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and Regione Lombardia. The operational cost is partially covered by the three mentioned bodies and the transnational Interreg programme, Alpine space.


The Technical secretariat team is in command of the following products & services :


The pivotal mandate of this permanent technical secretariat is to support the EU Strategy for the Alpine Region in all its components. Amongst the above services, the Technical secretariat team is accountable for the following tasks and services (approved by the General Assembly in Trento, 2022) : 


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Supporting the EUSALP governance bodies: Executive Board (EB) and General Assembly (AG)

Administrative and organisational support to the presidency and governance bodies in all their activities to ensure an effective coordination and implementation of EUSALP.

  • Technical support to the functioning of EUSALP's governance bodies
  • Ensuring close contact with managing authorities of European structural and investment funds (regional development, cohesion, social (ESIF) and animating the network of Managing Authorities
  • Training and support for EB members and AG leaders / members & activities 
  • Provide support for the monitoring and evaluation of the strategy’s implementation 
  • Ensuring the internal and external communication of the EUSALP strategy


Supporting EUSALP Action Groups activities

Supporting AGs in the implementation of their activities and work plans.

  • Ensuring horizontal coordination of AGs through technical support to the Board of AGs Leaders
  • Guaranteeing capacity building for AGs members
  • Supporting the policy cycle: capitalisation, transfer, financial dialogue networks, embedding
  • Disseminating Action Groups activities

Involving Alpine youth and stakeholders

Improving the visibility and relevance of EUSALP by fostering the involvement of young people and stakeholders in the implementation of the strategy.

  • Facilitating stakeholder engagement
  • Supporting the EUSALP Youth Council activities
  • Organizing the “Pitch your project” competition



Contact Technical secretariat team :

In order to mobilize the necessary resources for the functioning of the SUERA, the Région Sud has been entrusted by the General Assembly to coordinate a project entitled Support EUSALP 2023-2025.

This project consists of 16 partners. It has been contracted with the European transnational cooperation program, Interreg Alpine Space, for a total amount of 4 million €.

For more information, you can visit the Support EUSALP Project 2023-2025 website.