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The EUSALP Youth Council has been adopted by the General Assembly on 10 December 2020. The aim of the Youth Council is to provide a platform for institutional involvement of young people in all EUSALP bodies and to make sure that their ideas and viewpoints are heard and considered. The Youth Council can :

  • propose concrete actions and projects and suggestions for topics to the Executive Board, General Assembly, Presidency and Action Groups within the scope of the Action Plan of EUSALP,
  • contribute to EUSALP priorities and policies with the EUSALP presidency,
  • participate in all youth activities of EUSALP (Pitch your project jury, Online Platform),
  • participate in events (e.g. Annual Forum),
  • optional: implement small projects or events (support by EUSALP bodies to find funding; necessary: coordination with Action Group(s) and Executive Board).

Eligible applicants are young people who: 

  • are between 18 and 29 years old on 30th June 2024,
  • are permanent resident of one of the 48 Alpine regions that belong to EUSALP.

Any applicant not fulfilling the eligibility criteria will not be able to participate in the application process. 

    Applications must be submitted via the online application form at The application to the Youth Council is open from February 2024 until May 2024. Any application after the deadline will not be taken into consideration. Since a balance of members from all seven EUSALP states should be established, an extension of the application period may be granted in individual states if too few applications are received from permanent residents of those states by the application deadline. 

    The applicants will receive a confirmation e-mail within 48 hours once they have submitted their application. This confirmation e-mail will inform them about the registration of their application. 

    In order to apply you must: 

    • have a basic understanding of English (no need to be proficient – we are a multi-lingual team and help you find your way in EUSALP), 
    • be ready to commit for one year to the EUSALP Youth Council (July 2024 to July 2025). This commitment includes the participation in 4-5 physical meetings, virtual exchanges, the work in small groups on proposals and projects and the voluntary participation in events, institutional bodies and further youth activities, e.g. the Youth Camp or the Pitch your project competition.

    The applicants will first have to pass the eligibility criteria check as mentioned under point 2.

    When all eligibility criteria are fulfilled, the members of the Youth Council are selected at random. 

    In order to ensure diversity of members, attention is paid to a balance of young people from the seven EUSALP states, of different genders, with different educational or professional backgrounds and with or without experience in youth organizations or projects. The EUSALP Youth Council will include four members from each of the seven EUSALP member states. 

      All applicants will be informed via e-mail about the results of the selection process. 

        All non-selected applicants will be placed on a reserve list in descending order of their ranking. Inclusion in the reserve list does not create any entitlement. 

          The EUSALP states and regions cover travel and accommodation costs for meetings and events. The EUSALP Youth Council is financially supported by the the Interreg Alpine Space program via the “Support EUSALP project”. 

          The EUSALP states and regions will only provide for the accommodation and travel costs as explained above. Therefore, subsistence, insurance, travel supplements or any other expenses related to the trip shall be covered by the participants. Insurance coverage is not provided by the European Commission and is the sole responsibility of the selected participant. The European Commission and the project coordinator shall not be held liable for any damage caused or sustained by any of the participants in the contest, including any damage caused to third parties as a consequence of or during the implementation of the activities related to this contest. The European Commission and its project coordinator shall not be held liable for any material, nonmaterial or physical damage suffered by the participants or those accompanying them in the course of their journey to or during their stay at their destination. 


            • Opening date of registration 19 February 2024
            • Closing date of registration 15 May 2024 (23:59 CET) 
            • Publication of the selection until May 2024
            • Establishment of Youth Council 1st July 2024