Cross cutting priorities

Discover the cross cutting priorities of EUSALP !

In August 2023, the Executive Board approved four cross-cutting priorities developed by the nine EUSALP action groups. The four priorities have been developed to strengthen the EUSALP concerning its political relevance and success. With the cross-cutting priorities, the EUSALP action groups have taken first steps to consolidate topics and thus increase the possibilities for cooperation and to be more creative by adopting a cross-disciplinary approach to finding solutions. The four cross-cutting priorities are :


Promoting Digitalisation for the Alps


AG 1, AG 2, AG 3, AG 5 and AG 9

Contact: Alessio Pastorino ( and  Carlo Vigna  (

This cross-cutting priority aims at supporting local communities and economic players in their digitalisation efforts. The participating Action Groups will collect and disseminate best practices, explore how to unleash the potential of data and data economy, and promote the adoption of remote working, training, and learning practices.


Accelerating the Energy Transition for a Carbon-Neutral Alpine Region


AG 2, AG 4, AG 5 and AG 9

Contact: Maren Meyer (, Etienne Vienot ( and Benjamin Auer (

The current energy crisis has shown how urgent the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources is. The participating Action Groups focus their cooperation on promoting integrated value chains for green and local hydrogen in the EUSALP. This will i.a. involve fostering investments in hydrogen infrastructure and storage technologies, developing hydrogen projects, the collaboration and exchange of expertise between regions, and connecting the EUSALP hydrogen initiative with other European initiatives to accelerate the energy transition in the Alps.


Promoting a Joint Water Management Transition


AG 1, AG 2, AG 5, AG 6, AG 7 and AG 8

Contact: Alice Beck (, Lisa Ellemunter (

Given the challenges associated with water management, particularly water scarcity and flooding, in most Alpine regions, the participating Action Groups have decided to set up a EUSALP Task Force on water management transition to secure and preserve resources. This Task Force will help enhance the transition to a EUSALP water-smart society with advice, exchanges, and capitalisation activities.


Boosting Circular Economy

Contact: Sylvain Guetaz (, Massimo Lapolla ( and Majda Potokar (

AG 1, AG 2, AG 3, AG 5, AG 6, AG 7, AG 8 and AG 9


The circular economy is one of the key concepts for achieving a sustainable Alpine economy. The participating Action Groups want to contribute to the reduction and valorisation of waste, the reduction of materials consumption, the promotion of "product-as-a-service" businesses, and the creation of professional profiles in key Alpine sectors.