2nd meeting of EUSALP AG 9 in Bolzano

<p>Piazza Silvius Magnano 1, Bolzano</p>
10th Oct 2016
On October 10th 2016, the second meeting of the Action Group on Energy of the European Macro-Strategy on the Alpine Space took place in Bolzano.

Kick-Off-Meeting of EUSALP Action Group 9 in Bolzano

3rd Mar 2016
On March 9, 2016, the kick-off-meeting of EUSALP Action Group 9 Energy took place in Bolzano. AG 9 aims at “making the Alps a model region for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energies” and is coordinated by the director of the Agency for Energy South Tyrol – CasaClima, Dr. Ing. Ulrich Santa.

Alpine Space 2020 - Conference

<p>Salzburg - Austria</p>
On 21 and 22 October 2014 over 400 participants came together for the Alpine Space 2020 Conference. On the Alpine Space webpage  you will find the slides from the presentations that were given throughout this event, as well as a scrapbook of the conference.

Stakeholder Conference

The Stakeholder Conference on the European Union’s Strategy for the Alpine Macro Region (EUSALP) was held in Milan on 1 and 2 December 2014 at the Lombardy Regional Government Headquarters. EUSALP is a way of sharing objectives and coordinating funds involving the 48 regions on the borders of...