News from the EUSALP Youth Council meeting in Liechtenstein

Alpine Youth

As part of the activities of the EUSALP Youth Council, seven members met last weekend in Schaan. They came from all corners of the Alpine region and took the weekend to meet and engage in their roles within the EUSALP Youth Council.

The objective of this weekend was to revitalize the projects of the thematic groups of the Youth Council. We attempted to redefine clear and achievable goals for our Youth Council. Afterward, we wanted to organize a time for exchange between young people and local organizations. In addition to these more official activities, the Youth Council had the opportunity to discover Liechtenstein, its beautiful mountainous landscapes, and its still rich and dynamic history.

Friday 12th January.

We started on Friday evening with a time of exchange about the weekend agenda. We also discussed youth engagement. What should be the purpose of youth participation within EUSALP? What results should emerge from it?

Saturday 13th January. 

Saturday was a packed day! In the morning, the group worked on the current affairs of the Youth Council as well as the projects of the thematic groups. Several foundations were laid, but it still requires work and organization from the Youth Council members.

Afterward, we had the honor of sharing our meeting with several local organizations. Two organizations with which we had already collaborated came to meet the members of the Youth Council.

Among us was the Youth Information Center AHA Liechtenstein. We reiterated our desire to collaborate for our ERASMUS+ funded summer camp, which will take place in July 2024. Then there was CIPRA International, an NGO working on the protection of the Alpine region, which also has a Youth Council and numerous opportunities for youth, such as YOALIN, Erasmus+ stays, or internships.

Next, Stiftung Zukunft Liechtenstein presented its work through a very interesting and enriching presentation on quality of life in the Alps.

After these meetings, some energetic young people took advantage of a guided tour by our Liechtenstein representative within the Youth Council. Everyone then gathered to share a meal in the city center of Vaduz.

To conclude the weekend, we took the time to allocate the different actions needed to implement our activities and achieve our objectives. Then it was already time to head back to the four corners of the Alps.We would like to express our gratitude once again to the Department of Foreign Affairs of Liechtenstein for their support in organizing this event.