LUIGI - Linking Urban and Inner-Alpine Green Infrastructure


Shared by: Action Group 7 - Green infrastructure

Status: Active

Lead organization: Metropolitan City of Milan


Orchards, forests, rivers, green paths… There is a great variety of spaces connecting mountain ecosystems and urban centres. Each of these natural or semi-natural spaces, also referred as green infrastructures, brings environmental, economical and societal benefits: supply of food, water, materials, recreation areas, pollination, climate regulation… It is precisely this wide range of benefits, called ecosystem services, that LUIGI explores and intends to strengthen in mountain, rural and urban areas.

LUIGI − Linking Urban and Inner-Alpine Green Infrastructures − is a project of the European Union, approved on the fourth INTERREG V B tender of the Alpine Space Programme. It gathers 14 partners across 6 alpine countries, working together on future-oriented solutions to enhance ecosystem services and green infrastructure netwBy recognising the pressures on Alpine ecosystems and the services they deliver to wider areas beyond mountain regions, the project aims to strengthen the link between mountain ecosystems and urban centres at the foot of the Alps, based on sound economic and social exchanges. The project aims to recognise and valorise the joint benefits deriving from a GI network between mountain/rural and urban areas as well as their potential for sustainable economic development, based on natural capital and ecosystem services that participate in assuring higher quality of life & better urban environments to people living in urban centres. Based on sound experience on ESS, GIs and town-networks, the project aims at: a) making policy makers aware of alpine ecosystems, GIs & the services they deliver to urban areas; b) identifying & assessing the economic, environmental and social benefits delivered by alpine ESS through GIs to urban centres and metropolitan areas; c) developing business models to seize the market potential of conserving & enhancing rural ESS/GIs & mobilise financial resources (e.g. through public-private partnerships) in their support; d) sharing on the transnational level knowledge on alpine/rural ecosystems/GIs & effective techniques for their maintenance & enhancement; e) providing tools to match demand & supply of alpine ESS in regional, metropolitan & urban markets. Results are achieved by running tests & implementing actions in pilot-regions in 6 Alpine countries, where different GIs linking urban to mountain/rural areas are addressed, by also considering GIs’ identity & cultural values LUIGI aims to implement the EUSALP political declaration of Alpine States and Regions on “Alpine GIs” (2017) calling for setting up transnational pilot projects addressing EU-relevant GIs. LUIGI also aligns to the thematic actions of the Green Economy Action Plan of the Alpine Convention, adopted by the 15th Alpine Conference (2019).


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Start and closure dates: October 2019 to July 2022