With its unique geographical and structural characteristics, the Alpine Region has a good potential to transform into a model region for energy efficiency and renewable energy. To achieve this, reliable and comparable energy data is indispensable for decision-makers to formulate, implement and verify the effectiveness of energy policies and measures, in order to meet the EU energy and greenhouse gas emissions targets. At the macro-regional level, too, energy data can support the implementation and monitoring of a long-term cross-border energy strategy for the Alpine Region.
The implementation of the observatory project requires networking of a series of actors as well as collecting and standardising the relevant data.


The set-up of the Energy Observatory requires entering into dialogue with strategic implementation partners to explore possibilities of collaboration. These contacts initiate the development of concrete implementation activities which lead to the establishment of the Observatory.

What has been achieved?

As a first step, EUSALP Action Group 9 organised, in 2018, a series of workshops with energy data experts to exploit the feasibility of a future EUSALP Energy Observatory in 2018. The results of these events included the mapping and networking of actors, sharing of good practices and experiences in the field of regional and national energy data collection, brainstorming sessions about framework conditions, objectives and target users, financing options and energy data sharing tools.
Already twice, in 2017 and in 2019, the EUSALP Energy Survey collected all the key energy data and strategic documents from the regions of the entire EUSALP area, bringing together standardised and comparable data for policy makers.
The preparation of the establishment of the Energy Observatory culminated in the submission of a project proposal for EU funding (under the Alpine Space programme): the project ALP_EN_DATA, if funded, will effectively establish the Energy Observatory with the principal objectives to collect energy data across the macro-region, and monitor the implementation of the regional energy strategies.

Coherence with EUSALP Action Plan

The initiative is in line with the objectives of the EUSALP Action Plan (“To make the territory a model region for energy efficiency and renewable energy”), by increasing transnational cooperation and provide a common basis for the decision-making and planning of energy infrastructure.  

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