The implementation of energy efficiency measures is a key element to reach Europe’s energy and climate targets. With its policy framework “Clean Energy for all Europeans”, the EU member states agreed to raise energy efficiency by at least 32.5%. Enterprises play a key role in reaching these energy efficiency targets: in particular, SMEs make up about 95% of the Alpine economy. Therefore, the roll-out of initiatives to increase their energy efficiency is highly attractive from an energy saving point of view. Several national and regional programmes were launched in the Alpine area to support enterprises to implement energy efficiency measures, but small enterprises are often not sufficiently considered, and standards are different in each part of the Alpine macro-region.


EUSALP Action Group 9 seeks to establish a network of decision-makers, enterprises and experts in the field of energy efficiency in SMEs, exchanging good practices, developing and further supporting mechanisms to enhance energy efficiency measures for the SME sector.


What has been achieved?

EUSALP Action Group 9 launched the initiative with a strategic event titled “Energy efficiency in enterprises in the EUSALP macro-region” on 20-21 March 2019 in Bolzano under the patronage of the Italian Presidency 2019. During the event, decision-makers, stakeholders and multipliers with expertise in the field of energy efficiency in enterprises gathered. The goal of the event was to define a roadmap and a matrix of activities for the establishment of the trans-regional experts’ network for energy efficiency in enterprises in the period 2019-2021. The study on Energy Efficiency in Alpine Enterprises (Analysis of supporting instruments for realising energy efficiency measures and the use of renewable energies), developed specifically for Action Group 9, was also presented during this event.
Using the funding opportunities provided by the second ARPAF call, a cross-sectorial project proposal, involving Action Groups 2 and 9, has been submitted for funding and approved. The project, which started in September 2019, runs under the name “CAESAR – Capacitating Energy Efficiency in Small Alpine Enterprises”. It will provide the necessary resources to set up the experts’ network for energy efficiency in enterprises, roll-out an auditing programme for small enterprises in the Alps and train energy auditors.


Coherence with EUSALP Action Plan

The initiative is fully coherent with the EUSALP Action Plan, which in its objectives for AG 9 states that the Alpine macro-region should become a “model region for energy efficiency and renewable energy”, and suggests the setting up of an Alpine energy efficiency cluster as a forum for cooperation and innovation.


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