The topic of connectivity (e.g. digital connectivity) is becoming increasingly important as it’s now fundamental in many process of our life, from entertainment to transportation or healthcare. Alpine areas cannot remain out of this trend so it’s crucial to develop a digital strategy for Alpine Region where connectivity is available and pervasive as in main cities to develop all kind of services that are (or will) needed for Region development. Some ideas and projects already exist in different countries/regions of Alpine Area but they’re not coordinated with each other and often their  exploitation do not follow some basic request of availability and performances that are important now but will be mandatory in the future with the arrival of 5G next generation networks, the spread of IoT and the diffusion of Near Real Time applications.

To match these requirements there is need of more transnational fiber optic backbones and more infrastructures in cross border areas to be used by industry operators and public administrations:

  1. Optical fibers (or already existing physical paths to host them – e.g. ducts)
  2. Towers to host radio devices in case of radio access
  3. Neutral spaces to locate compute/cloud resources that can provide services closed to end users

About optical fibers or enabling infrastructures, in particular, they’re the key parts of a cross border reliable ecosystem: while mountain territory does not allow redundant infrastructures in each region/country, having an open cross border ecosystem is often the answer to such needs but means going further to actual market organization, with the opportunity to share some resources in different areas, included R&D.

With this strategic initiative this lack shall be covered and a common understanding of the topic and strategic approach to improve the situation be developed.

AG5 focused on all infrastructures enabling cross border connectivity in order to develop state of the art and reliable networks allowing actual and future proof digital services to Alpine region. Moreover AG5 will provide an indication of new economic models that can be activated on top of them.


This strategic initiative wants to increase the connectivity and accessibility of the border regions in the Alps.

What has been achieved?

EUSALP AG5 has developed a feasibility study that will match the topic, previously described, to find potential infrastructures (already existing) to be used in cross border connectivity, underlying the gaps existing and how they can be filled. The study also aims to highlight economic models that can be developed with such connectivity.

Coherence with EUSALP Action Plan

This strategic initiative relates to accessibility of services and connectivity (within the second pillar of EUSALP).

Further Information

Cross-border connectivity in the Alpine Region