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Action Group 9 - Energy

How to change the energy consumption patterns of small and medium-sized enterprises?
When it comes to small and medium-sized enterprises, the crucial point is the lack of the necessary knowledge to implement energy efficiency improvement measures. The lack of data also affects Alpine public administrations.  
Action Group 9, led by Climahouse from South Tyrol, is trying to tackle these problems, building up a shared platform of knowledge for energy efficiency in all the regions involved in the alpine area. Different actions have been implemented:  First of all, some guidelines for energy efficiency have been drawn up. Experts from the different regions have gathered a series of studies in order to analyse the situation and collect best practice examples. Secondly, Action Group 9 has tried to give concrete support and networking. A third activity being implemented over the last two years has been a large European survey within the Alpine regions to collect data regarding energy consumption and renewable energy production.  


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