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Action Group 3 - Labour market, education and training

Developing skills and facilitating the transition of young people from school to work: only by doing this will the Alpine region attract a skilled workforce and become more competitive in the future. Depopulation, labour offer and demand mismatching, shortage of a skilled workforce: these are the main problems, especially in the technical and professional handicraft profiles.  
Action Group 3, led by the Autonomous Province of Trento, wants to improve the competence and skills of people leaving in the Alpine Region, working mainly on the improvement of dual vocational education and training.  
Action Group 3 tried first to understand the state of the art on dual systems in the alpine region and considerable differences emerged in the performance of training systems and labour markets. 
After analysing the differences among the systems, specific guidelines for policy action have been identified.   Evidence from the different regions demonstrates that dual education can improve the performance of both the educational systems and the labour market.
The construction of a common vocational training area in the Alpine region is a concrete objective, which can be achieved through a stable and lasting investment in human capital.

“A common area of vocational education and training“.