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Action Group 1 - Research and Innovation

The alpine region is a rich territory with an extraordinary natural heritage, but it is also a fragile system, which needs urgent answers in terms of research and innovation.  
How do we keep people living in the alpine regions? How do we fight against climate change? How do we develop sustainable tourism?    
In the Alpine area there is a relevant number of players producing excellent results in terms of research and innovation. What is missing is the capability to connect all the actors involved.  For this reason, Action Group 1, led by the Lombardy Region, has focused its activities on the management of the research and innovation sector, at a European, national and regional level.  
The implementation of an innovation ecosystem requires different steps of action.  Most of this information and data has been incorporated into the so-called “Platform of Knowledge,” which means providing a single place where the Action Groups and the stakeholders can find all the relevant data concerning the Alpine Region.  To have an overview of those involved in research and innovation, Action Group 1 supported the Research Alps project.  Benefits are clear for Small and Medium Enterprises and policy makers, but also for young researchers. Smart Specialization Strategies are a second important field of action for Action Group 1.  
Action Group 1 has also supported another main driver of innovation, namely start-ups, spin-offs and scale-ups.

Government, industry, academia and civil society working to shape the future together; through EUSALP the individual states and regions can share their technological platforms, overcoming the existing challenges to innovation.