Report on the “State of the art” of funding instruments for R&I at National level

Publication date: 
Sunday, 31 December, 2017

The report on the “State of the art” of funding instruments for R&I at National level was realized in three steps.

The first step in the creation of this second report led to the analysis of the data provided by EUROSTAT and the European Commission in the section on business growth, which allowed comparing the R&I investments and performance between Europe and EUSALP states, and a brief comparison between Europe and the world.

European Innovation Scoreboard
R&D Expenditure

In order to have a complete picture of the financial instruments of each EUSALP States, the official sites of the Ministries were used in the first instance (links are inserted in each state section). It is emphasized that within the 7 member states there are different Ministries that invest part of their budget in funds dedicated to research and innovation. Moreover, every single State has different ways of managing and communicating financing instruments, for this reason, for some countries, the sites referring to research and innovation agencies that directly manage the funds provided by the ministries have been used.
The second section, based on official national data, is a focus for each individual state related to investments in research and innovation as well as the description of any facilities or agencies that manage the funds.

The third steps consists in the brief description of the programs and resources available for R&I within each EUSALP state.

All national level call for R&I are published in the Platform of Knowledge.