Labelling of projects with macroregional added value for the fostering of sustainable mobility solutions

Publication date: 
Tuesday, 12 October, 2021

The EUSALP AG4 Assessment Methodology for Individual Projects serves to identify projects with a relevance for the fostering of sustainable mobility solutions in the Alpine Region from a macroregional perspective.

In a first project submission round ending in May 2020, 29 project proposals were submitted. Three independent evaluators, selected by AG4 members, implemented the methodology. A total number of 14 projects receiving the EUSALP AG4 Label. In a second project submission round ending in June 2021, 16 projects were evaluated with the same methodology, of which six projects received the EUSALP AG4 Label. For more information on the labelled projects, the project posters can be downloaded below.

This label helps the project promoters to communicate the projects' endorsement by the macro-region towards decision-making authorities who are in the position to promote the implementation of the respective project and/or to provide adequate financial support. You can download the Letters of Recommendation of each of the six projects below.