EUSALP Annual Forum in Trento 2022

Publication date: 
Friday, 21 April, 2023
Trento, Italy

The results of workshop organized on SHORT TIMBER SUPPLY CHAINS IN TIMES OF CLIMATE AND GEO-POLITICAL CRISES during the annual forum of Trento, last november 2022, are now available !
AG2 subgroup “Wood”, AG6, and the EUSALP Task Force “Multifunctional Forests and Sustainable Use of Timber” (TF-MFSUT) gathered AG7, AG8 and AG9, co-led by Gian Antonio Battistel and Christian Hoffmann (AG6).

This event aimed to create a straight-forward, user-friendly approach that will inspire actors and organizations of forest-based sector to engage in systematic and mutual understanding, collaborations, and inform management decisions locally and across the EUSALP regions.

The following target groups have been invited :
• EUSALP AG Members & Stakeholders, Alpine Convention delegates.
• Political representatives from EU, regional and municipal level
• Forest owners & forest owner associations, forest & timber administrations, and organizations.
• Timber clusters and associated service providers (IT, planners, architectures, retailers, engineers, etc.);
• EUSALP Youth, youth organizations, young people, training and education institutions.
• NGOs, interested citizens & institutions.

Please find herewith a documentation of the last four thematic workhops :
• Innovative and short forest - timber value chains to design vital rural areas
• Adaptive forest management for coping with current and long-term uncertainties
• Cross-sectoral and transdisciplinary communication to enhance mutual understanding for sustainable transition pathways in using timber
• Current and future generations looking at traditional and innovative practices in EUSALP, and their trade-offs in rural and urban forestry to keep the forest heritage alive

Timeline and agenda attached.
More information follow Linkedin Task force Multifunctional Forests and Sustainable Use of Timber !