Compendium of the Smart SMEs project


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Compendium of the Smart SMEs project

30th Jul 2021

Since the launch of the EU Strategy for the Alpine Region (EUSALP), a number of topics that need further investigation and preparatory action in order to achieve the set goals were identified. To support this, the Alpine Region Preparatory Action Fund (ARPAF) was initiated, within which the EUSALP AG5 together with AG2 and AG3 developed the project “SmartSMEs” combining the two heavyweights bioeconomy and digitization - that was the aim of the “SmartSMEs” project.

The project focused especially on natural fiber-based value chains which should be analyzed for opportunities and obstacles of digitization.
This involved the following steps a) gathering existing digitalization knowledge from research institutions, clusters, digital innovation hubs and other service providers, evaluating the digitalization level of SMEs, pinpointing issues that hamper the implementation of digitalization as well as demonstrating precise measures (technical and non-technical) to overcome existing barriers (WP2). b) the collection of best practices and the identification of new indicators for measuring the maturity level of digitalization in selected value chains (VCs). In addition, a desk research was carried out and existing digital tools suitable for SMEs (WP3) were collected. d) within WP4 an action plan was drafted including a list of intervention fields, actions, timeline, stakeholders identification and risk assessment. The action plan is targeted to EUSALP members, public authorities, umbrella organizations, innovation hubs, clusters willing to support the digitalization of traditional value chains. e) within WP5 recommendations for a common policy agenda for the macro-region have been elaborated to lower the barriers for SMEs to successfully apply digital tools in the Alpine Region and f) in WP6 the potential for the development of a network connecting relevant stakeholders in the Alpine region for interregional exchange of experience and collaboration beyond the project lifetime was assessed.

The EUSALP subgroups bioeconomy and digital industry are committed to help setting-up matchmaking opportunities and to host a SMART SME network and continue to build on the results of the SmartSMEs project. All documents elaborated during the project duration can be found in full length under

Other publications

Study on potentials of Open Data for the Alpine Space within the framework of the EUSALP Strategy

Action Group 5 - Connectivity and Accessibility
Vili Podgorelec, Gregor Polančič, Sašo Karakatič, Grega Vrbančič, Lucija Brezočnik, Špela Pečnik
30th Jun 2022

Open Data publication guidelines handbook

Action Group 5 - Connectivity and Accessibility
Vili Podgorelec, Sašo Karakatič, Grega Vrbančič, Lucija Brezočnik
30th Jun 2022

Green Hydrogen for the Alps - A meta-study on renewable hydrogen uses, production, and policy priorities

Action Group 9 - Energy
Lorenzo Menin, Stefano Piazzi, Daniele Antolini, Andrea Gasparella, Marco Baratieri
5th Apr 2022

How digitalization changes the delivery of Services of General Interest SGI

Action Group 5 - Connectivity and Accessibility
5th Oct 2021

Report on Policy recommendations based on findings

Action Group 5 - Connectivity and Accessibility
16th Jun 2021