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French Presidency 2020 - 2021
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Bavarian Presidency

Title: Establishing a training network on (continuing) education in Alpine farming
Acronym: MountErasmus

Project content

Mountain farmers and pasture workers cultivate the unique Alpine landscape and create the basis for thriving tourism. They produce high-grade food specialities of outstanding quality and variety and cultivate habitats for many animals and plants which can only be found in the Alps. A profound education is the indispensable foundation for a modern and economically successful management of farms under the particular conditions of mountain agriculture.

As a concrete application project, we want to launch a joint education network for young farmers in the Alpine Region under the title “mountErasmus”. In this project, education partners in agriculture shall be connected and new cross-border educational opportunities for farmers in the Alpine Region created. Establishing new and consolidating present educational networks shall give young farmers new insights and open up solutions – in terms of “learning from one’s neighbour”. The aim is to establish a cross-border information platform for internships and training positions together with selected agricultural training institutions and organisations. A possible first step could be to develop respective networking opportunities by means of expert workshops.

Start and closure dates: 
January 2022 to January 2023
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