Papers, studies, articles and interesting contributions about the Alpine Region

Making the most of macro-regions

Interact Programme
5th Dec 2017
The booklet “Making the Most of Macro-regional Strategies” intends to take stock of this development and its multifaceted aspects. Interact has the task to establish a learning process among the four...

Study on Macroregional Strategies and their links with Cohesion Policy

European Commission Directorate-General Regional and Urban Policy
30th Nov 2017
What this present study finds is that each of the four MRS approved to date shows very different dynamics and trajectories, and therefore might require context-sensitive approaches to understanding...

Un libro per EUSALP

Provincia Autonoma di Trento, Arge Alp
31st Oct 2017
The volume about EUSALP is an editorial project developed by the Autonomous Province of Trento, running in 2017 the Arge Alp Presidency.

Life cycle analysis of residential buildings

Leitschuh, S. (1), König, H. (2), Kreidenweis, S. (1)
25th Oct 2017
The Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology commissioned a study assessing the different types of constructions in regard to their total impact on the environment and...

Economic growth and innovation in EUSALP. Local specificities and...

Roberto Camagni, Roberta Capello, Silvia Cerisola
19th Jun 2017
This work aims at identifying the territorial specificities of the EUSALP macro‐area, determining in particular its local peculiarities with respect to Europe in terms of territorial capital endowm

Added value of macro-regional strategies

Interact programme
1st Feb 2017
In early 2016, Interact launched a study called ‘Added value of macroregional cooperation: collecting practice examples’. The study aimed at collecting evidence on the benefits of working for a macro...

Smart Specialisation: Creating Growth through Trans-national...

European Commission, Joint Research Center, Åge Mariussen
31st Dec 2016
Thematic Work on the Understanding of Transnational cooperation and Value Chains in the context of Smart Specialisation.

Macro-regional strategies in changing times – EUSBSR, EUSDR, EUSALP...

Interact Programme
30th Nov 2016
Interact has published the first publication to comprise all four EU macro-regional strategies. The publication offers a view of the issues concerning the four strategies and aims to familiarize...

Macroregione Alpina: una sfida per le Regioni [IT]

Lombardy Region, Eupolis
1st Dec 2014
This volume constitutes the transcript of the Alpine Macroregion Strategy - Stakeholder Conference.