Investigating the EUSALP policy on R&I and the Smart Specialisation Strategies



Activity dates: 
June 2017 to June 2018
Sub groups: 
Subgroup 1
Action’s description: 

MORE-ALPS at the First Annual Forum

Munich, 23 and 24 November

During the First Annual Forum organized by the Bavarian Presidency, AG1 proposed a workshop to explore possible avenues to develop an effective Research and Innovation Ecosystem across the Alpine region.
Margherita Russo presented the MORE-Alps project.

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MORE-ALPS, an action to know more about EUSALP policy on R&I and the Smart Specialization Strategies

MORE-Alps is an applied research project with the objectives to return a comprehensive analysis of the main patterns and the major differences characterizing policy formulation for R&I in the EUSALP area and to focusing on the national/regional smart specialisation strategies.
These goals are in line with the ones of the AG1 of the EUSALP Strategy.

MA students enrolled in the course LACOM at DSLC (UNIMORE) will be involved in the project. Students have a strong background in at least one of the official languages of the seven involved countries (French, German, Italian, Slovenian). Each student is assigned an empirical part of the analysis (e.g. retrieving and analyising textual data as well as quantitative data).  Empirical activities will lead to the production of both a final report and a final MA dissertation thesis.

MORE-Alps Project proponents are involved in promoting further collaborations at both national and international level:

  • with the EUSALP Strategy, and in particular with Action Group 1
  • with other EU institutions (JRC, Eurostat, ESPON, etc.)
  • with other universities from the countries involved in the Strategy (in particular, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia). This cooperation could guarantee students international mobility, under their project activity.

Policy documents will be collected, properly archived and shared, and then analysed. 
Primary focus on those policies aimed at supporting research and innovation at regional level. 
Other fields of study covered as well (e.g. Regional Policies, Structural Funds, Environmental policies, Education policies, etc. with the involvement of also other AGs in EUSALP).
Each student focuses his/her activity on a given region/country or a group of them (unit of analysis). 


Margherita Russo, AG1 member
Francesco Pagliacci, Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia

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