EUSALP History

The preparatory work for Alpine Strategy had started long before the invitation by the Council to the Commission to prepare a Macro-regional Strategy for the Alpine Region. The Strategy builds upon a long tradition of co-operation in the Alps and on the existing preparatory work.
The strategy will benefit from the long experience of a large number of cooperation structures already operating in the area: Arge-Alp, Alpine Convention, Alpe-Adria, Euregio, Cotrao, trilateral cooperation between Slovenia, NE-Italy and Austria and other ad hoc structures such as the ‘Zurich Group’.

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28 July 2015
Adoption of the EUSALP Communication and Action Plan by the College

27 November 2015
Endorsement by the Council of the European Union


July-October 2014
Consultation on the EU Strategy for the Alpine Region (EUSALP)
Outcome of the extensive public online consultation

1-2 December 2014, Milan
Debate in the Stakeholder Conference on EUSALP and Milan Declaration of the Alpine States and Regions

December 2014
Opinions adopted by the Committee of the Regions and by the European Economic and Social Committee on EUSALP


23 May 2013
European Parliament resolution on a macro-regional strategy for the Alps

18 October 2013
Grenoble ‘Political resolution towards a European Union Strategy for the Alpine Region

28 November 2013
The political resolution is presented in Brussels


29 June 2012
Bad Ragaz Decision and Initiative Paper of the Conference of Alpine Regions

October 2012
Political meeting in Innsbruck


June 2011
Resolution adopted by the Heads of Government of Arge Alp