Young imagine the future of Alpine Region !

30th May 2023

The new generations were at the centre of the meeting "The futures desired by young people in the Alpine Region", held at the Fondazione Caritro as part of the second day of the Trento Festival of Economics, in the presence of Mirko Bisesti, Councillor for Education, Universities and Culture of the Autonomous Province of Trento, who greeted the many young people in the room: "EUSALP is the youngest of the European Union's Macro-Strategies and is the one that starts from the bottom, from the Regions of the Alpine arc, in a decision-making process that aspires, through the voice of the youngest to build a sustainable future that is attentive to the issues involving the territories.

The starting point of the meeting was the EUSALP Youth Council's Report "Aspirations for Desirable Alpine Futures", drawn up on the basis of the proposals of 90 participants in the 3 futures workshops organised by the Italian EUSALP Presidency in 2022, aiming at discussing potential solutions to emerging issues.

These topics included:
- professional prospects in Alpine territories,
- work ethic for the new generations,
- digitalisation for the sustainable development of mountain areas,
- the creation of effective strategies for climate change mitigation and adaptation,
- the challenge of sustainable mobility, and the importance of training.

The moderator was Radio24 Central News Editor, Mr Gigi Donelli, who stimulated the discussion, which was attended by Maxime Bernard, a university student and member of the EUSALP Youth Council; Alessandro Betta, coordinator of the Valle di Ledro and Alto Garda Climate Youth Conference and researcher in the field of green infrastructures and participatory planning; Kelly Kocks, Blue Book trainee at the European Commission; Lena Lagger, student at the University of Innsbruck and member of the Youth Parliament of the Alpine Convention - co-author of the EUSALP report. Among the speakers was also Rocco Scolozzi, futurist and lecturer in Future Studies Methods and Systemic Thinking at the University of Trento, who spoke about the importance of "Democratising futures: if it is not us as a community who imagine them, we will probably be someone else's future," he said introducing the debate. The many young people in the room were also involved, in an event that will become a podcast of SanbaRadio's BOX POPULI, edited by Antonella Fittipaldi and Elena Moretto.

An opportunity for dynamic exchange, also thanks to the collection of suggestions and questions offered by the audience through cards from which important food for thought emerged.


Fondazione Caritro