"Innesti" wins the EUSALP Award at the 71st Trento Film Festival 2023

26th May 2023
Alessio Biagini - TAG / Trento Film Festival Anna Maines / Trento Film Festival

"Innesti" wins the EUSALP Award at the Trento Film Festival !

Sandro Bozzolo's film Innesti (Italy, 2022) won the EUSALP Award "What keeps me here" at the 71st Trento Film Festival, which was held from April 28th to May 7th, 2023.

The jury – presided over by the Provincial Councillor for Culture Mirko Bisesti and composed of Elisabetta Montagni, Marzia Bortolameotti, Katia Bernardi and Giuliana Cristoforetti – chose it from a shortlist of seven films.
The awarded film echoes the values promoted by EUSALP, which fosters cooperation of Alpine territories and the development of environmental, economic, socio-cultural policies aimed at preserving mountain peculiarities and increasing their value and attractiveness.
In the film, the rebirth of a chestnut forest, a village and its community prompts a reflection on the professional and personal opportunities available in mountain territories. They are alternative to the usual ones of today's society; they are linked to nature and, often, tradition, but also aimed at pursuing change and innovation rather than abandonment and depopulation.

According to the motivation of the award, the chestnut represents the essence of a rural microcosm linked to a mythical past through the memories of those who stayed in these territories and have been struggling every day to safeguard the heritage of an ancient culture and knowledge. This tree shelters the village and sustains the peasants, and it represents a connection to the sacred world. By taking care of the chestnut forest, territorial and generational cohesion is revived and aimed at building a prosperous future of cooperation and inclusion.

A special mention was awarded to the film Karma Clima by Michele Piazza (Italy, 2023), in which culture and environmental sustainability are conceived as key conditions for the social requalification of mountain communities in the Cuneo area, challenged by depopulation.

In addition, the game "Where are women in the Alps" was presented in the context of the Trento Film Festival to celebrate the story of the Alps from an all-female perspective. This game is the result of the collaboration between the Autonomous Province of Trento and the AnDROmeda Association within the framework of the EUSALP Presidency 2022, jointly held by the Autonomous Provinces of Trento and Bolzano/Bozen.

The two appointments, one for schools and one for families, captured the attention of the general public and made it eager to learn about the Alpine women of the game.

Find more about the festival on the following https://trentofestival.it/edizione-2023/tutte-le-news/assegnati-i-primi-...

Photo credit : Alessio Biagini - TAG / Trento Film Festival Anna Maines / Trento Film Festival