AG4 - 21st meeting

Meeting topic: 

Date        Tuesday, October 4th, 13.30 to Wednesday, October 5th 2022 12.30

12.30    Arrival of participants & light lunch

13.30    Start of the 21st Action Group 4 meeting 


1 – AG4 State of play
Presentation by AGL
-    Approval of the Agenda
-    Feedback on past events & upcoming events
-    Methodology for a systematic assessment of individual projects
-    Declaration on rail transport in the Alpine Region: Communication strategy & next steps

2 – EU affairs update
Presentation by AGL 

3 – EUSALP update 
Presentation by AGL 
-    AlpGov 2 follow-up project
-    Introduction Technical Support Structure (TSS)

4 – Update on Interreg Alpine Space Programme
Presentation by Jana Habjan (Interreg Alpine Space)

Coffee break 

5 – AG4 Work Plan 2023-25
Presentation by AGL & discussion with all participants

6 –  Update on iMONITRAF!
Presentation by Helen Lückge (Climonomics)

7 – Update on the Alpine Convention
Presentation by Nathalie Morelle (PSAC)
18.00 End of Day 1

21.00 Joint dinner in Marseille

09.00    Start of Day 2 

8 – Session on energy efficiency & transport in the Alpine Region

8.1 –  Overview of energy consumption in the transport sector
Presentation by AG4 and AG9 co-leaders
8.2 – Presentations by external experts 
The energy transition in France
Stéphane Faudon (Région Sud, Energy transition unit)

Industry perspective on energy efficiency in transport
Carla Detrieux (Vota Trucks)

New cooperation formats for the roll-out of electric mobility solutions
Cristina Cavicchioli (RSE, e-SMART project)

Coffee break 

8.3 – Interactive workshop 
1st session: Developing a map of innovative energy efficiency solutions for the transport sector in the Alps
2nd session: Which stakeholders are needed to implement these solutions?
8.4 – Wrap-up and next steps 
How to move ahead? Wrap-up and the role of AG4

9 – Any other business

12.30 End of Meeting
12.30 – 17.00 Lunch, followed by technical visit of Port of Marseille

Région Sud – Bâtiment Provence, 81 Boulevard de Dunkerque, 13000 Marseille, 1st floor