Creating a strategic policy framework for the implementation of modal shift



Activity dates: 
July 2020 to June 2022
Action’s description: 

The creation of a strategic policy framework supporting the effective implementation of a modal shift from road to rail is part of activity A of the AG4 Work Plan 2020-2022. In line with the general objective of the AlpGov 2 project, AG4 strives towards becoming a key player in policy making. Thus, policies that help increase the competitiveness of rail transport as compared to road transport are promoted.  The focus of this activity lies on combined transport (CT).

Factors contributing to increased competitiveness include the harmonisation of rail networks pricing, the improvement of rolling highways, and a better coordination between authorities and logistic operators.

AG4’s work on a proposal for a political statement is directed at precisely these goals. Completed AG4 studies commissioned within the past few years have provided insights into the functioning of transport systems in the Alpine area. These insights are summarised in a political statement aimed at gaining political mandate for follow-up activities and the implementation of AG4 priorities.

Apart from that, an analysis of the network of stakeholders relevant for the implementation of measures that support modal shift from road to rail is conducted. Concretely, AG4 will commission a study to identify relevant stakeholders for certain cluster topcs (late spring 2021). In a second step, stakeholder dialogues building on AG4 activities, insights and recommendations from AlpInnoCT and other relevant projects or networks will be organized (autumn/winter 2021).