Action Group 8 - Risk governance

To improve risk management and to better manage climate change, including major natural risks prevention


Sustainable and effective protection from natural hazards is an essential predisposition for settling, as well as, socio-economic development in the Alps. Limited settlement space and climate change lead to increasing exposure and damage risk of private property and infrastructure in the Alps. The interests of economic development, social welfare, mobility and tourism need to balance risk reduction and safety management. This requires new risk governance instruments and processes with a view to find the optimal approach for multiple land use demands.

3rd Thematic Policy Area
"Environment and Energy"

Specific Objectives

Therefore Action Group 8 aims at improving risk management and better managing climate change in the Alpine Region by pursuing the following objectives:

  • Stocktaking of relevant actors and interests, mapping and enhancing governance structures and processes in the policy fields of risk/hazard management and climate change adaptation
  • Improving risk and adaptation governance mechanisms in the EUSALP region by enhancing, valorizing and leveraging the existing cooperation structures
  • Identification of good practice solutions in tackling challenges in natural hazard and climate change adaptation policy
  • Promoting, developing and implementing local, regional and international pilot projects and programs based on strategic priorities, and exploring funding opportunities on both EU as well as national/regional/private levels

Action group 8 Storytelling on YouTube

Why natural risk protection is important within the Alpine Region? Video explanations

Florian Rudolf-Miklau
Role: Leader
Marc Zebisch
Role: Leader

Additional Representative contacts

Lydia Pedoth
Katharina Rieder
Roberto Barbiero
Catherine Bertrand
Massimo Ceriani
Vincent Courtray
Luigi D'Alpaos
Josef Eberli
Jan-Philipp Egner
Benjamin Einhorn
Markus Federspiel
Jean-Charles Français
Willigis Gallmetzer
Siegfried Jachs
Markus Kottek
Wolfgang Lexer
Andreas Lindenmaier
Jože Papež
Marcello Petitta
Andreas Pichler
Wolfgang Rieger
Carolin Schärpf


Daniel Bieri
Nicolas Chesnel
Giacomo Luciani
Giacomo Luciani
Veronika Schulz


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Results from the workshop "Going local - green infrastructure meets climate change adaptation"

Workshop: Going local – “Green infrastructure” meets “climate adaptation strategies”

15 Dec 2017