Annual Forum 2021 & Closing of the French Presidency

Meeting topic: 

The European Union Strategy for the Alpine Region (EUSALP) brings together seven countries and almost 50 regions. For these countries, the Alps, including their foothills and lowland areas, are both a distinct advantage and a particular challenge. Highly vulnerable to the consequences of climate change, the Alpine region needs answers quickly. The EUSALP encourages innovative approaches to the specific needs of mountain regions in terms of tourism, biodiversity, agriculture, mobility and energy (among others). Join us for the Annual Forum 2021 and the closing of the French Presidency to review with us the two past years of the 2020-2021 presidency.




The EUSALP Youth Council is interested in how we travel to the Annual Forum in the Alpine region, please take a few minutes to answer the questionnaire 


For hotel recommendations we advise you: 

- Hotel Relai Acropolis, 20 Bd Risso, 06300 Nice
- The NH hotel Nice, 2-4 Parv. de l'Europe, 06300 Nice

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