Study on Macroregional Strategies and their links with Cohesion Policy


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Study on Macroregional Strategies and their links with Cohesion Policy

European Commission Directorate-General Regional and Urban Policy
30th Nov 2017

What this present study finds is that each of the four MRS approved to date shows very different dynamics and trajectories, and therefore might require context-sensitive approaches to understanding their achievements, depending also on the level of maturity of cooperation in the region. This acknowledgement will also influence the discussion of objectives for cooperation, the arrangements for achieving them within different strategy areas, and the indicators and monitoring arrangements to assess their achievements and overall performance.

The four macro-regions were analysed using 80 indicators and reviewed in terms of whether the relevant macro-regional needs is covered, the extent to which the MRS achievements can be recovered, the link to the objectives and the use of EU ESIF. The review is based on data collection through extensive desk research, an interview programme with 82 stakeholders, and an e-survey of approximately 6000 actors (April-September 2017).

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