Extended Alps?


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Extended Alps?

Jens Badura and Bernhard Tschofen
20th Dec 2018

The relationship between inner- and perialpine regions is usually seen as a crucial factor for the success of the EUSALP strategy. Against this background, the present study analyses mutual perceptions between both regional contexts and identifies the related challenges for the implementation of EUSALP. The findings are based on semi-structured interviews with actors from alpine politics, a historical and socio-cultural analysis as well as existing topic-related research findings.

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20th Mar 2019

Cross-border mobility in the Alpine Region

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Prof. Dr. Tobias Chilla, University of Erlangen , Anna Heugel M.A., University of Erlangen
31st Jan 2019

Erweiterte Alpen?

Bavarian Presidency 2017
Jens Badura and Bernhard Tschofen
20th Dec 2018

The allocation of responsabilities between the central state and local authorities in the countries of the Alpine area

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Simone Scagliarini
30th Apr 2018

EUSALP Energy Survey 2017 - The Alpine macro-region in numbers

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10th Apr 2018