Cross-border mobility in the Alpine Region


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Cross-border mobility in the Alpine Region

Prof. Dr. Tobias Chilla, University of Erlangen
Anna Heugel M.A., University of Erlangen
31st Jan 2019

The EUSALP-wide study analyzes existing cross-border commuter flows in twelve pre-selected commuter hotspots in the Alpine Region, focusing on in- and outgoing commuter flows, as well as on infrastructure quality of road and rail. The twelve case studies comprise the regions with the highest commuting intensity (along the Swiss borders Salzburg, Monaco) but also take into account selected smaller commuting areas such as Kufstein-Rosenheim. This selection represents the diversity of commuting patterns throughout the EUSALP region and is based on discussions with the project stakeholders.


The study has been developed as part of the project CrossBorder, financed under the Alpine Region Preparatory Action Fund (ARPAF). The project addresses the issue of increasing cross-border mobility across the Alpine Region. It aims at identifying gaps in the infrastructure and at facilitating sustainable cross-border commuting, avoiding negative impacts on economy, society and the environment.

Title of the Study: Analysis of existing cross-border mobility networks
Authors: Prof. Dr. Tobias Chilla, Anna Heugel M.A., University of Erlangen
Publication: 21.12.2018
Contracting authority: Amt der Tiroler Landesregierung, Sachgebiet Verkehrsplanung

Summary of results

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