Triple Wood (triple wood - sustainable wood building culture in the alpine region)

Shared by: 
Action Group 2
Lead organization: 
Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labor and Housing Baden-Württemberg


Project content

Building with wood is active climate protection because it reduces the emission of CO2. The project Triple Wood aims to triple the use of wood in the building sector within the near future. This should be done in a sustainable, energy-efficient way and on a high quality level.

An exhibition will show best practice of wood buildings in all kinds of typologies (private and public, rural and urban, high and low rise).

A seminar on energy-efficient wood building will address professionals to enlarge their knowledge. Exhibition and seminar will be combined with local events in a "road show" that take place at many places throughout the partner countries. By this the public, stakeholders, professionals and decision makers will learn more about the advantages of building with wood and stereotypes against wood buildings can be dismantled. The events will help networking and knowledge transfer.

The forest and timber section is one of the most important economic factors in the alpine region and is in urgent need of being protected and promoted. Therefore the project perfectly reflects the intention of the EUSALP Action Plan towards an integrated approach along the value chain with benefit for the whole region including the rural areas.

Project Partners

  • Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labor and Housing Baden-Württemberg (DE, Lead)
  • Lignum wood economy Switzerland (CH)
  • energy agency of south tyrol - climate house (IT)
  • proHolzBW GmbH (DE)
  • Regional union of associations of forest communes Auvergne Rhône-Alpes (FR)
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food in Slovenia (supported by the Wood Industry Cluster) (Sl)


The project is co-financed by the European Union (Alpine Region Preparatory Action Funds - ARPAF)


Start and closure dates: 
March 2018 to February 2020