Lead organization: 
Regione Piemonte

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The potential of low carbon mobility is still hindered in the AS area, both in cities and rural areas, where many inhabitants are still car dependent in their daily mobility. This is mainly due to the mismatch between transport supply and mobility demand and to people’s mobility behaviour. SaMBA will promote mobility behaviour change by reducing the perceived gap between sustainable transport modes and private cars through reward/pricing policies that are equitable and directly related to the external costs of transport.<br />SaMBA brings together 13 partners, 37 observers and 9 pilot cases from 5 countries, in order to develop, through a participative and cooperative approach: 1) policy impact estimation method and tool, 2) policy recommendations which consider territorial peculiarities and different needs of people, 3) handbook for policy implementation.The main AS decision makers and stakeholders will be involved throughout the project in order to ensure SAMBA’s transnational impact regarding 1) improving awareness in Public Administrations (PAs) about the potential of behaviour change policies; 2) promoting the elaboration and implementation of harmonised policies throughout the AS area and their transferability to other contexts; 3) fostering modal shift towards sustainable transport options in the pilot cases and in AS areas beyond the project.<br />Citizens will be engaged through focus groups, in order to co-design, test and assess the reward/pricing policies.The monitoring and reward system will be enabled by existing open platforms (i.e. 7FP MoveUS, H2020 MUV) and its legal feasibility will be ensured building upon existing knowledge on ethics and data protection (i.e. MUV, EMPOWER). Business models will be elaborated in order to ensure the economic viability and long-term sustainability of the rewards.SaMBA has EUSALP AG4 endorsement, content and network exchange with ongoing AS projects ASTUS, E-moticon, Interreg Europe ERUDITE and H2020 MUV and LIVERUR.

Start and closure dates: 
April 2018 to April 2021