Papers, studies, articles and interesting contributions about the Alpine Region

Detecting multidimensional clustering across EU regions

Margherita Russo, Pasquale Pavone, Francesco Pagliacci, Simone Righi and Anna Giorgi
17th Apr 2019
The study applies multidimensional clustering of EU-28 regions to identify similar specialisation strategies and socioeconomic characteristics.

EUSALP Performance Indicators for buildings

Moro, A., Vienot, E., Berchtold-Domig, M.: EUSALP Performance Indicators for buildings, EUSALP Action Group 9, 2018.
16th Apr 2019
The goal of this report is to show how a common set of KPIs in the Alpine area could be adopted and what the bottlenecks and challenges for the promotion of common KPIs are.


Arthur Schindelegger, Arthur Kanonier
15th Apr 2019
The EU-Strategy for the Alpine Region (EUSALP) aims generally to map governance processes and capacities within the EUSALP perimeter.


20th Mar 2019
This document has been prepared by Humus (Facebook: HumUs,, by Luana Silveri and Alessandro Aichner and presents the activ

Cross-border mobility in the Alpine Region

Prof. Dr. Tobias Chilla, University of Erlangen , Anna Heugel M.A., University of Erlangen
31st Jan 2019
The EUSALP-wide study analyzes existing cross-border commuter flows in twelve pre-selected commuter hotspots in the Alpine Region, focusing on in- and outgoing commuter flows, as well as on infrast

Extended Alps?

Jens Badura and Bernhard Tschofen
20th Dec 2018
The relationship between inner- and perialpine regions is usually seen as a crucial factor for the success of the EUSALP strategy.

Erweiterte Alpen?

Jens Badura and Bernhard Tschofen
20th Dec 2018
Das Verhältnis zwischen inner- und perialpinen Regionen gilt allgemein als entscheidender Faktor für den Erfolg der Makroregionalen Strategie für den Alpenraum der EU (EUSALP).

The allocation of responsabilities between the central state and...

Simone Scagliarini
30th Apr 2018
This work deals with the topic of the allocation of responsibilities between the central state and local authorities, with a specific territorial focus: it takes into consideration six European cou

EUSALP Energy Survey 2017 - The Alpine macro-region in numbers

10th Apr 2018
Reliable energy data are the basis for decision-makers to define, to implement and to monitor the effectiveness of energy policies.

Coherent policies for Europe beyond 2020

European University Association (EUA)
3rd Apr 2018
There is clear evidence that Research and Innovation Strategies for Smart Specialisation (RIS3) have been a useful tool in developing innovation ecosystems in many regions in Europe. European and...