Papers, studies, articles and interesting contributions about the Alpine Region

Added value of macro-regional strategies

Interact programme
1st Feb 2017
In early 2016, Interact launched a study called ‘Added value of macroregional cooperation: collecting practice examples’. The study aimed at collecting evidence on the benefits of working for a macro...

Smart Specialisation: Creating Growth through Trans-national...

European Commission, Joint Research Center, Åge Mariussen
31st Dec 2016
Thematic Work on the Understanding of Transnational cooperation and Value Chains in the context of Smart Specialisation.

Macro-regional strategies in changing times – EUSBSR, EUSDR, EUSALP...

Interact Programme
30th Nov 2016
Interact has published the first publication to comprise all four EU macro-regional strategies. The publication offers a view of the issues concerning the four strategies and aims to familiarize...

Macroregione Alpina: una sfida per le Regioni [IT]

Lombardy Region, Eupolis
1st Dec 2014
This volume constitutes the transcript of the Alpine Macroregion Strategy - Stakeholder Conference.