Action Group 1

To develop an effective research and innovation ecosystem


Based on one of the main drivers of the Europe 2020 agenda which aims at creating jobs and growth, action 1 focuses on the development of an effective innovation ecosystem in the Alpine Region. It aims to bring together the existing potentials of the Alpine Region to better exploit synergies in the strategic sectors described in the next action and overcome challenges as regards innovation.

1st Thematic Policy Area
"Economic Growth and Innovation"

Specific Objectives

  • Identification of the key strategic sectors where cooperation in R&I can impact either in economic or societal terms;
  • Mapping of existing clusters, competence centres related to the economic and academic landscape in the Region
  • Mapping and matching of specific value chains and capabilities related to key areas of competence related to national/regional smart specialisation strategies
  • Working towards joint pilots with industry participation in areas of smart specialisation to demonstrate opportunities for scaling up innovations for co-creating joint value chains
  • Further coordinating efforts between the Alpine countries and JRC activities
  • Enhanced capacity building of research institutions, networks and infrastructure with an Alpine Region dimension
  • Taking into consideration existing international research / innovation coordination activities of EUSALP
Anna Giorgi
Role: Leader

Additional Representative contacts

Roberta Negriolli
Karolin Begusch-Pfefferkorn
Umberto Bondi
Roberta Bottarin
Marco Bussone
Vincenzina Cristofaro
Chantal Degoul
Anke Evertz
Marie Christine Fourny
Martina Hartl
Susanne Hockling
Walter Mayrhofer
Leonida Miglio
Ludovico Monforte
Roberta Negriolli
Valentina Pinna
Thomas Probst
Anne Rizand
Manuela Romagnoli
Fabrizio Rovatti
Margherita Russo
Francesca Spirito
Tina Ušaj
Petra Žagar
Dino Zardi


Astrid Aulnette
Filomena Carvalho
Leopold Füreder
Ales Gnamus
Ursula Schuepbach



Jun 2016 to Jun 2019
102% Complete


Jun 2017 to Jun 2019
103% Complete


Investigating the EUSALP policy on R&I and the Smart Specialisation Strategies

MORE-Alps is an applied research project with the objectives to return a comprehensive analysis of the main patterns and the major differences characterizing policy formulation for R&I in the EUSALP area.

AG1 - Subgroup 1

Mapping funding instruments for R&I at the EU, national and regional level

The action consists in the research, mapping and comparative analysis of the financial instruments available at the EU, national and regional level concerning Research and Innovation.

AG1 - Subgroup 3

Observing the ASP project “Governance and Youth in the Alps” - GaYa

AG1 is observer of the ASP project “Governance and Youth in the Alps” - GaYA as it can contribute to enable youth as active players in the Alps.

AG1 - Subgroup 4

Observing the ASP project "AlpFoodWay"

AG1 is observer of the ASP project "AlpFoodWay", as it can help to preserve and valorize Alpine Space cultural food heritage which is one of the most relevant element for the transnational alpine identity and specificity.


Mapping EUSALP regions' governance concerning R&I sector

According to the objectives of the AlpGov project, Action Group 1 is working to map and analyse the governance concerning the R&I sector at the EU, national and regional level. All collected data, produces analysis, reports and infographics will be available in the Platform of Knowledge.

AG1 - Subgroup 4

Mapping Research Centers and Labs in the Alpine Macroregion

The team of RE-SEARCH ALPS is collecting data about scientific and technical laboratories, research centers, innovation centers (both public and private), which are pillars for the supply of scient

AG1 - Subgroup 2

Developing the Platform of Knowledge

Two technological teams have been selected to develop the Platform of Knowledge and its tools.



EUSALP poster #1

The first poster presenting EUSALP is shared with the EUSALP members to promote the dissemination and the knowledge of the Alpine Strategy.

12 May 2017

AlpGov poster #1

The AlpGov poster is released.

31 Jan 2017

EUSALP corporate identity manual

The EUSALP corporate identity manual is released.

16 Feb 2017

Report on the “State of the art” of funding instruments for R&I at National level

The report on the “State of the art” of funding instruments for R&I at National level is released.

31 Dec 2017

Platform of Knowledge

The Platform of Knowledge and the new integrated version of EUSALP website are released.

17 Mar 2018

Report on the “State of the art” of funding instruments at EU level

The report allows to get a complete picture of the entire financial instrument universe have been used two web sites provided by EU commission: “Overview funding programs for European Commission”...

30 Jun 2017

EUSALP website

The official website of EUSALP is released. The site is not just a formal display for the Strategy, but a collaborative environment in which all Action Groups and EUSALP bodies can publish and...

23 Dec 2016


RIS3 in macro-regional strategies: building a comparative framework to learn from other regions

Palazzo Lombardia, Milan, Italy
25/06/2019 - 14:00 to 18:30
Event type: Workshop

In the current debate on post 2020 European Cohesion Policy, it would be important to capitalize on two pillars of the ongoing policy programmes: the transnational macro-regional strategies (MRS) (COWI, 2017) and the research and innovation strategies for smart specializa


Piazza Città di Lombardia, Milano (Italy)
03/07/2019 - 15:00 to 04/07/2019 - 18:00
Event type: EUSALP Public Event

In the framework of EUSALP Italian Presidency 2019, focused on sustainable growth and circular economy in the Alpine area, on 3-4 July Milan will host the high-level conference and thematic workshop BOOSTALPs 2.0.

The Violins, The Voices Of The Alps

Bosco dei Violini, Paneveggio (TN)
13/07/2019 - 15:00
Event type: EUSALP Public Event

On the occasion of EUSALP Italian Presidency 2019, on 13 July 2019 Lombardy Region will organize an event in the so-called "Bosco dei Violini" located in Paneveggio (TN) .