Interconnecting public transport information



Activity dates: 
February 2017 to December 2018
Action’s description: 

Improving connectivity in passenger transport by developing a cross-border travel information system.

In order to reduce the negative environmental and social impacts of transport in the Alpine region and to connect people in remote Alpine areas, especially across national and regional borders, the sustainable transport modes need to be better connected (multimodal) and user friendly in order to provide a viable alternative to the use of the private car.

This activity aims at harmonising, across regional and national borders, the different existing but in many cases not interoperable information, tariff and ticketing systems. This should enable passengers to get coherent information about their journeys, to buy tickets valid for all operators along their entire itineraries and update themselves online about real-time information on possible delays and, if necessary, about travel alternatives.

10 project partners across the Alpine Region work together to draw up a comprehensive project proposal to harmonize the different existing but in many cases not interoperable information and tariff systems.