Common target system for EUSALP AG4



Activity dates: 
January 2017 to June 2019
Action’s description: 

Development of a common target system as basis for further activities and to measure the effects and impacts of the AG4 activities.

All AG4 partner regions and countries have implemented specific target and indicator systems that have a link to modal-shift and the development of sustainable transport systems. However, they are not harmonized and are thus difficult for measuring performance of common activities on macro-regional level.

The development of a joint target system provides a basis and common understanding for all activities of the Action Group 4, as it is an important tool for the for the design and implementation of modal-shift measures (policy as well as infrastructure measures - topics B and C) and builds the basis for weighting different aspects/indicators in the frame of project assessments (topics C and D). Finally, a common target system also provides the basis for defining specific indicators for measuring impacts and results of AG 4 activities.