Action Group 7

To develop ecological connectivity in the whole EUSALP territory


The integrity and functioning of ecosystems, including the conservation of biodiversity and provision of ecosystem services, largely depend on the existence of effective ecological connectivity. The promotion of ecological connectivity and green infrastructures in unprotected areas will be an important priority. Land-use policies, sprawl and high pressure from human activities will also be addressed. Projects which focus not only on protected areas but also on common rules for landscape development to promote ecological connectivity have been suggested in the public consultation, as they are currently largely missing.

3rd Thematic Policy Area
"Environment and Energy"

Specific Objectives

  • To use the existing knowledge and networks in the Alpine Territory and build on the fact that high biodiversity and high percentage of area under protection (25%) is one of the good basis for establishing ecological connectivity.
  • To promote implementation of ecological networks at macro-regional level, by making best use of experiences from protected areas and by strengthening cross-border cooperation in the design and management of protected areas such as NATURA 2000 sites, to avoid further fragmentation between protected areas and other areas and to integrate peri-Alpine and urban areas.
  • To specify Green Infrastructure and find alternatives or complementary solutions to Grey Infrastructure
  • To strengthen ecological continuity and connectivity between the Alps and other mountain ranges and sharing of experiences with other mountain ranges, such as the Carpathians, building also on the Alpine-Carpathian corridor project.
  • To share the concept of ecological connectivity and the results of relevant projects with a wide range of sectors and administrations (such as municipalities), to contribute to the preparation and implementation of measures aimed at protecting or enhancing ecological connectivity and biodiversity within the Alps and with adjacent regions.
  • Set up of a comprehensive macro-regional scheme in the Alpine Region, ensuring a broad, consistent and coordinated process, aimed at enhancing Alpine ecological connectivity at a larger scale, including a recommendation dimension, and make the Alps one candidate for a Green Infrastructure of European-wide importance (TEN-G).
  • Establish governance structure for  Alpine ecological connectivity ( Involve all sectors for integration of strategies and policies and connect science policy making and implementation, public authorities and private partners
  • To identify funding opportunities for integrated landscape development and ecological connectivity and to promote the development of a joint guiding, integrated, trans-sectoral landscape vision for the Alps.
Michaela Künzl
Role: Leader
Region: Bavaria
Tina Trampuš
Role: Leader
Tina Trampuš hais been a landscape architect and nature conservation consultant at the Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Nature Conservation since 2000, co-leading the EUSALP AG 7 since January 2016.
Angelika Abderhalden
Blanka Bartol
Christian Baumgartner
CIPRA International
Raimund Becher
Region: Bavaria
Thierry Boisseaux
Alpine Convention, Ecological Network Platform
Katalin Czippán
IUCN Commission on Communication and Education
Serena D'Ambrogi
Tjaša Djokic
Johannes Ehrenfelder
Hermina Golob
Alessandro Gretter
Region: Trento (Autonomous Province)
Ruedi Haller
Bettina Hedden-Dunkhorst
Brigitte Koehler-Neumann
Region: Baden-Württemberg
Matthias Lampert
City of Munich, Alpine Metropoles
Andrea Mugerle
Gioele Passoni
IUCN Commission on Ecosystem Management
Caroline Pecher
EURAC research - European Academy of Bozen/Bolzano (AlpES project LP)
Sylvia Pintarits
City of Munich, Alpine Metropoles
Guido Plassmann
ALPARC – Alpine Network of Protected Areas
Alfred Ringler
Club Arc Alpin
Annapaola Rizzoli
Region: Trento (Autonomous Province)
Thomas Scheurer
ISCAR – International Scientific Committee on Research in the Alps
Primož Skrt
Alpine Space Programme
Antonella Trisorio


Frithjof Ehm
Julie Raynal


3rd AG5 meeting

30/06/2017 - 10:00
Location Maurienne, Région Auvergne - Rhône - Alpes (place and time tbc)
Event type: Internal meeting

Connectivity and accessibility among Alps are going fast! AG5 will meet in Auvergne - Rhône - Alpes Region (France) to discuss their activites.

EUSALP General Assembly II / First EUSALP Annual Forum

23/11/2017 - 11:00 to 24/11/2017 - 14:00
Location: BMW Welt, Munich
Event type: Main event

The Annual Forum 2017 of the EU Alpine Strategy will take place on 23 and 24 November 2017 in the Munich BMW Welt.