Objective 1 - Meeting in Stuttgart

Meeting topic: 

The fourth AG1 internal meeting takes place in occasion of the event GlobalConnect trade fair.

Workshop on Bioeconomy

Date and time : 27th October | 9.30 – 11.00
Organized by: AG2 and addressed to AG1-AG2-AG3
New value chains in the field of Bioeconomy and Medical Technology demonstrates how two different sectors come together through cross-sectoral approach with reference to Medical technology an Bioeconomy.
Cluster managers from the USA and Baden-Württemberg demonstrate current trends and explain how different measures from both "worlds" successfully can be matched and what instruments can be used to bring actors from different value chains together. In the panel discussion the role of vocational training and research will also be illuminated.
Cross-cutting debate.

AG1-AG2-AG3 Common introduction

Date and time: 27th October | 11.00-11.30
AlpGov Lead Partner presents shortly the concept for the Bavarian Presidency (2017) regards the planned cross-cutting events and the flagship projects (14 - 16 February 2017 in Garmisch - Partenkirchen).

Internal meetings of AG1, AG 2 and AG3

Date and time: 27th October | 11.30-16.00

AG1 internal meeting

Date and time: 27th October | 11.30 - 16.00

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Meeting presentation
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Session 1 

Time 11.30-13.00

Informations from the AG1 leader

1. Report about the presentation of AG1 activities at the meetings:

  • Macro-regional Innovation Week - Trieste (Italy) - Sept 26, 2016 - see attachment
  • 2nd Executive Board meeting and Action Groups’ general meeting - Izola (Slovenia) - Sept 27-28, 2016
  • European Week of Regions and Cities 2016 - Bruxelles (Belgium) - Oct 12, 2016
  • AlpWeek Alps&People - Grassau (Germany) - Oct 14, 2016

2. Submission of the project proposal “Research Laboratories in the Alpine Area (RE-SEARCH ALPS)” for the call CEF TELECOM CALLS FOR PROPOSALS 2016 – CEF-TC-2016-2 -  see attachment

  • potentials
  • bottlenecks

Present and next future activities AlpGov project activities

3. AlpGov work plan for the Communication activities - see attachment

  • the communication strategy
  • AG1 members’ tasks and proposals

4. AlpGov work plan for the Platform of Knowledge - see attachment

  • the main platform and its features
  • AG1 members’ tasks and proposals

5. The 3D map of Research Centers in the Alpine Macroregion

  • the 3D map and its features
  • AG1 members’ tasks and proposals

6. Vouchers to connect Research and Innovation, Academia and Business - see attachments

  • AG1 members’ tasks and proposals

Lunch: 13.00-14.00

Session 2

Time 14.00-16.00

Possible opportunities for AG1 project proposals

7. Proposal to join the H2020 ICT call:
Big Data PPP: cross-sectorial and cross-lingual data integration and experimentation

  • short call presentation
  • open discussion

8. Proposal to join the Marie Curie Innovative Training Networks (ITN) call:

  • short call presentation
  • open discussion

9. Proposal to join MANUNET Programme - see attachment

  • short programme presentation
  • open discussion

10. Definition of the criteria to join or support other subjects’ project proposals

  • open discussion
  • short presentation of the project proposal by Anke Evertz

About strategic topics

11. Proposal to open a focus on climate-change - see attachment


12. AG1 next future appointment

Messe Stuttgart Within the event: GlobalConnect trade fair