"Let’s talk to your neighbour”

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"Let’s talk to your neighbour”: a unique moment to share our views on cooperation actions. Made by the regions for the regions, the European Commission - DG REGIO has initiated this new inclusive format, by ensuring the involvement of all of the interested stakeholders present in Brussels. 
For this first episode of “Let’s talk to your neighbour”, we are hosted by the Regione Lombardia, within the Italian Presidency of the EU Strategy for the Alpine Region (EUSALP).
Prior to the Annual Forum of the EUSALP strategy, that will take place in Milan on 28- 29 November, the Italian Presidency is offering a great opportunity to meet and exchange informally on the future of the Alpine area.
Discussions during this event should contribute to give an insight on how we can “shape.future.together”. Throughout the three key words “cooperate, coordinate, concentrate”, EU institutions, regions and other stakeholders of the Macro Regional Strategies, as well as the civil society, will contribute to our common European project.  

The event is on invitation only. For further information please contact the Brussels Delegation of Regione Lombardia by email to lombardia_ue@regione.lombardia.it

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Place du Champs de Mars, 2, Brussels