AG1 - 5th internal Meeting

Meeting topic: 

The AG1 discuss about Rules of Procedures and criteria for the purpose of selecting actions


AG1 Agenda

1) Rules of Procedure for AG

  • Check of the official letters appointing each member as representative of his/her institution with decision capacity
  • Check of the contribution brought from all members to prepare AG1 Annual Report
    • Highlight from all minutes
    • Notes about ongoing activities

Both required by the AG roles of procedures 

2) Definition of the criteria for the purpose of selecting actions/projects (starting from the broad criteria included in the Action Plan)

  • Contribution from all AG1 members / provided concrete criteria and related measurable indicators
  • Definition of a first set of criteria and indicators to be fulfilled by actions and projects of AG1 interest

3) The 3D map of research centers in the Alpine region

  • Report from all members about the collection of DBs concerning research centers in the different countries and regions, and responsible people


  • State of the art by Valentina Pinna and Tina Usaj
  • Report about actions done
  • Next steps

5) Report from the recognition of useful networks to be shared and managed

  • Report from all members concerning relevant observers connected to Universities
  • Report about other strategic networks

6) Sub-groups’ work plan, objectives and deadlines

  • Presentation by the 4 sub-groups (15min each)

7) Any other business (interesting calls, projects, events, initiatives, etc.,)

8) Calendar - AG1 next future appointments

Congress Center Garmisch-Partenkirchen