Action Group 7

To develop ecological connectivity in the whole EUSALP territory


Action Group 7 focuses on developing ecological connectivity and thus to strengthen, improve and restore biodiversity, as well as ecosystem services. Its implementation will increase the degree of connection between natural and semi-natural landscapes in the entire EUSALP territory.

With its broad representation of members from Alpine countries and regions as well as advisors with different institutional and sectoral backgrounds, AG 7 builds on a dialogue including stakeholders from all relevant sectors. It aims at setting up a comprehensive macro-regional scheme by applying the EU Strategy for Green Infrastructure (GI) to regional scales and making the Alps an outstanding candidate for GI in Europe.

The AG 7 provides the framework for developing a strategically planned network of natural and semi-natural areas, including features in rural and urban areas which together – functionally interconnected – ensure diverse advantages for nature, as well as social benefits and economic prosperity for humans.

3rd Thematic Policy Area
"Environment and Energy"

Specific Objectives

  • To identify Alpine GI elements of transnational relevance, improve governance approaches and explore funding opportunities.
  • To promote the various benefits of GI as complementary solutions to Grey Infrastructure and bring GI onto the political agenda of the Alpine Region.
  • To trigger tangible implementation initiatives and liaise with implementation partners from all relevant sectors to make GI visible and close gaps in the trans-European “matrix for life”.
  • To allow the benefits of ecological connectivity to emerge at ecosystem and societal dimensions, enhancing resilience to threats such as climate change. 
  • To develop solutions to halt biodiversity loss and address challenges such as missing connections between natural areas and homogeneous and impoverished lowlands.
Michaela Künzl
Role: Leader
Tina Trampuš
Role: Leader
Angelika Abderhalden
Blanka Bartol
Christian Baumgartner
Raimund Becher
Thomas Boehm
Katalin Czippán
Serena D'Ambrogi
Tjaša Djokić
Alessandro Gretter
Ruedi Haller
Bettina Hedden-Dunkhorst
Brigitte Koehler-Neumann
Harald Ladich
Andrea Mugerle
Alessandra Norcini
Gioele Passoni
Luisa Pedrazzini
Sylvia Pintarits
Guido Plassmann
Alfred Ringler
Annapaola Rizzoli
Brigitte Seltenhammer
Antonella Trisorio


Hermina Golob
Julie Raynal
Primož Skrt
Larisa Stanciu


AlpGov 2

Jan 2020 to Jun 2022
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AlpGov 1

Jun 2016 to Dec 2019
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Sep 2019 to May 2021
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LOS_DAMA! - Green infrastructure for better living

Nov 2016 to Oct 2019
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RESULTS of the Workshop EUSALP meets LEADER

Results of the LEADER workshop organised by AG7 on 17 of October 2018 in Torino.

Results are prepared in poster format (as presented at the Annual Forum, 20/21 November 2018 in Innsbruck),...

20 Nov 2018

28 Alpine States and regions adopted the political declaration „Alpine Green Infrastructure – Joining forces for nature, people and the economy”

MInisters' Conference on Alpine Green Infrastructure

Munich, 2nd October 2017

27 Nov 2018

Results from the Workshop »Networking for Ecological Connectivity and Green Infrastructure«, September 2017


Workshop »Networking for Ecological Connectivity and Green Infrastructure«, Sept 19, 2017, Koper

Detailed report and presentations are...

06 Apr 2018

Results from the workshop "Going local - green infrastructure meets climate change adaptation"

Workshop: Going local – “Green infrastructure” meets “climate adaptation strategies”

15 Dec 2017


Smart Villages conference: Policies needed for a smart transition of rural areas

10/11/2020 - 09:15 to 12:20
Event type: Virtual meeting

The term Smart Villages refers to the networking of different sectors (housing, mobility, supply, administration, etc.) by means of new information and communication technologies in order to make the best possible use of synergy potentials.

Event on Moutain Biodiversity

10/01/2021 - 09:00
Event type: EUSALP Public Event

** Date to be confirmed **

Event held on the sidelines of the IUCN World Conservation Congress, jointly organised by the EUSALP French presidency, the Alpine Convention French presidency and UNEP Vienna.