AG5 Kick-off meeting

Meeting topic: 

At the presence of the delegates of 5 alpine countries (Italy, Switzerland, Slovenia, France and Germany), AG5 takes the first official steps.


Session 1

Welcome and introduction

  • Presentation of the AG-members

Introduction to the work of AG5

  • The context: EUSALP and AlpGov (Communication and contribution of AG5 to the EUSALP-Platform of Knowledge)
  • Aims of the AG
  • Composition of the AG
  • Organisation of Work in Subgroups
  • Financial Aspects
  • First results from the survey on digitalisation of the Alpine area

Thematic inputs

  • One-stop platform for regional and local government services BayernPortal and development of IT standards, Ulrike Strauss
  • Vda Broadband project, Giorgio Consol
  • Digtal economy and open data in Auvergne-Rhones-Alpes, Cédric Lambert
  • Integrated territorial strategies for services of general interest – the INTESI project, Thomas Egger

Discussion (All)

Session 2

Collection of first ideas for strategic initiatives and quick wins

  • Which projects can be realised very quickly?
  • What are ideas for strategic initiatives to be developed over the next 3 years?

First discussion about possible cross-cutting topics and joint initiatives

  • Which topics should be developed together with other Action Groups?
  • Are there any ideas for joint initiatives of all 9 Action groups?

First discussion about Governance in E-Services and SGI

  • What are the participant’s experiences with the governance in E-Services an SGI?
  • Which information is readily available?
  • What questions should be further developed in a study?

First discussion about Funding schemes for E-Services and SGI

  • Are there any dedicated funding schemes for E-Services an SGI?
  • What are the main challenges for funding of those services and infrastructures?
  • Are there any suggestions to improve the funding options and topics to be further developed in a study?

Workplan of AG5 and Next steps

Aosta, Italy