AG2 : Wood sub-group meeting in Chartreuse (FR)

credits Hugues-Marie Duclos l ANCT
Meeting topic: 

EUSALP Action Group 2, co-lead by the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region and Piedmont, aims to promote the production, processing and consumption of local Alpine products, especially forestry and agricultural products, in short circuits.

The group provides a platform for coordinating and harmonizing the activities of the Alpine regions and countries in the promotion of short circuits in the agricultural and forestry sectors. In addition, its mission is to encourage territorial cooperation between the Alpine regions in order to consolidate the Alpine wood chain and to support the development of the bioeconomy and the circular economy.

Its objectives are :

- Work on the multifunctionality of forests in a context of strong tensions on wood resources, both in state-owned and private forests,

- Taking into account climate change, which has an impact on forest management, especially the choice of species to be selected for future forests,

- The promotion of Alpine wood (labels) and the creation of an Alpine tool to guarantee local use, processing and consumption of wood.


Format : half a day of conferences (7 April morning) in hybrid mode + half a day of field visits (7 April afternoon - Chartreuse Regional Park),


Target audience : elected officials and technicians of local authorities, as well as socio-economic actors of the territory.

Speakers : A political opening is envisaged. A second part of the conference will be organised in workshops, with speakers from professional associations.

Number of participants : about 30 people, coming from all EUSALP alpine regions.

Location of the event: "Les trois sommets" hotel at the Col de Porte.

Address : 583 Route du Charmant Som – Col de Porte – 38700 SARCENAS ( – Mail : INFO@LES3SOMMETS.FR


Provisional programme

Hybrid mode - Interpretation F/ENG

9:30-10:00 : Opening by the Region and the co-organisers

  • Region AURA : Philippe Meunier
  • Metropolis of Grenoble,
  • PNR Chartreuse,
  • Office national des Forêts,
  • Forestry communities

10 :00 - 11:15: Round table 1: How to strengthen the resilience of Alpine forests to climate change? An alpine approach to the phenomenon.

Planned interventions :

  • Météo France : Yves Lejeune (TBC)
  • Possible intervention of the Alpine Convention on the "mountain forests" protocol (TBC)
  • Office national des forêts/ Parc naturel régional de Chartreuse : presentation of experiments on "islands of the future" with the introduction of new species. Fabien Bourhis, PNRC/ONF
  • EUSALP/ Multifunctional Forest Task Force/ ongoing European projects: Recognition of the role of forests in natural risk management / importance of European projects, Frédéric Berger, INRAE (TBC)
  • Jean Lemaire, Forestry Development Institute : the position of private owners, Bioclimsol Project.

Questions and answers.

11:15 - 11:30 : Break.

11.30am - 1pm : Round table 2: How to enhance the multifunctionality of forests in European projects?

Planned interventions :

  • Presentation of the Task Force on Multifunctionality of Forest and the ongoing European projects: Christian Hoffmann
  • The use of local wood in the valorisation of production chains:
  1. Interventions from Fabio Pesce, cabinet Fortea/ l'AOC Bois de Chartreuse Jeanne Véronique Davesne (Comité Interprofessionnel des Bois de Chartreuse)
  2. The Bois des Alpes demarch explained by Damien Lozach coordinator of Bois des Alpes
  • Erasmus + projects presentation by Malgorzata Woch European Projects Manager at MEDEF Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

Questions and answers.

7 April afternoon: visit of the experts to the Chartreuse Regional Nature Park to new digital application for the forest management for also discussing exceptional forests, [ climate change (Bioclimsol - technical tools for the choice of the species)], labelled wood and dialogue society/forests.

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583 Route du Charmant Som – Col de Porte – 38700 SARCENAS