World Manufacturing Week 2021

Meeting topic: 

Workshop “Digitalization and circular economy for SMEs sustainable and resilient growth: an EUSALP perspective”

22nd October 2021

In the frame of the project AlpGov2, during the appointment World Manufacturing Forum 2021 – October 22nd - 1.30-6.30pm, Regione Lombardia and Hub Innovazione Trentino with EUSALP, ARPAF2, the Circular4.0 project, Confindustria Lombardia, Jozef Stefan Institute, AURA, Confindustria Trento, Trentino Sviluppo, EEN Lombardia, DIH Lombardia, Technology Park Ljubjana organize the workshop “Digitalization and circular economy for SMEs sustainable and resilient growth: an EUSALP perspective”.


The main aim of the event is to raise awareness among SMEs and firms about the opportunities related to the digitalization and circular economy and also inform policymakers about this universe. The target are Companies from EUSALP regions, project partners of related content-research and cooperation projects, researchers, trade associations, clusters. Among speakers there will be testimonials from companies with successful business cases, technology and solutions providers, EU policy makers, regional authorities, project representatives are invited.


After the welcome and greetings, the plenary session will start with a keynote speech on the EU Circular Economy strategies, followed by two workshops:

·         workshop1 about successful business cases on the three verticals: optimal use, value recovery, circular design

·         workshop2 about case studies on policies to support the implementation of ICT technologies for circular economy.

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