Skills for future: AG3 discusses about future projects on dual education, long life learning and competence for the Alpine area

6th Jan 2021

Last December 15th AG3 organised its 16th group meeting

The meeting has been the occasion to  present the future plans of the group, also considering the entrance of new members and the variety of topics of the group, which regard not only the dual education but also long life learning, continuing education and qualification of workforce.

AG 3's mission is to "improve the adequacy of the labour market, education and training in strategic sectors"; creating a common macro-regional educational area where professions and their certificates are mutually recognised.  In order to implement the Alp Gov II project, AG3  work plan 2020 - 2022 will be focused on three main themes of dual training, skills and competences and labour market, with a specific focus on the digital and green jobs.

AG3  strongly believes in the development of the “skills for the future” as a tool to enable young people and workers in general to have a better understanding of their potentials and to express themselves.  In order to build a resilient and prosperous Alpine Region, markets need to be open and competitive and the workers should be able to up-skill and re-skill themselves. In order to tackle these needs in the Alpine region, in urban and peripheral contexts alike, the group wants  to create and test novel high-level formats for continuing education. This will also facilitate the adoption of new technologies and methods in the Alpine Region and hence actively encourage innovation processes in SMEs and start-ups.1. 

During the meeting different topics have been analysed:

  1. Anna Giorgi, leader of the AG 1, proposed a collaboration to create an “Alpine Master”. The proposal arises from the need to organise some courses targeted specifically at the Alpine Region and young individuals living in and working for the development of mountain areas. In this framework Universities can play an essential role in promoting the acquisition of essential skills for young individuals as well as the upskilling of current workers promoting the sustainable development of mountain areas.
  2. One of the key objectives of AlpGov2 is to enhance the collaboration and cooperation among all the AGs of EUSALP. In particular:
  • capitalizing the outputs of the project ;
  • putting the results into the policy cycle;
  • developing  5 strategic areas to reach concrete goals

- Carbon neutral alpine region

- Smart Villages

- Spacial Planning

- Innovation hub for green business.

- EIF: EUSALP Innovation Facility.

In this context  AG3 has the opportunity to  work on topics related to the strategic and transversal themes (HR, skills and qualifications).

3. Next January 28th AG3 will organise a  Forum dedicated to the main topics of the groups. Testimonials for the morning and afternoon session have been already decided. The group is working to involve school addresses from France, Switzerland and Western Italy and other  testimonials for the morning session.



Wed 6th Jan 2021


Wed 6th Jan 2021